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The Winners of SIgma IT Poland Awards 2021 Announced

We said goodbye to 2021 – the year full of new challenges and projects and a few smaller or bigger achievements for Sigma IT. None of them would have been possible without our employees’ outstanding efforts and commitment. In recognition of the exceptional performance and dedication, we organized the Polish edition of Sigma IT Employee Awards 2021. 

Sigma IT Poland Employee Awards recognize employees who have demonstrated commitment, performance, leadership, and excellence through their work. Every employee could nominate another employee or team to receive an award in five main categories: Team Player of the Year, Team of the Year,  Recruitment Champ, Leader of the Year, and Technology Master.

The nominees were assessed by a jury consisting of the Chairman – CEO of Sigma IT Poland and  representatives of the Delivery, HR, and Engineering teams. We learned the names of the winners during the company Christmas meeting which was the occassion to celebrate last year achievements.  All winners of Sigma IT Poland Employee Awards received a trophy and, cash prize for their future development plan.

the Winners oF Sigma IT Poland Awards 2021:

  • Category: Team Player of the Year

A role model of team collaboration. A person willing to help and guide others and focused on team success with no need for an individual appraisal. It can be a person within a project, Competence Unit, or any function that requires collaboration across various units.

The winner: Agata Małysz, Scrum Master at Sigma IT

  • Category: Team of the Year

A group of people who delivered exceptional results, and can be a great example to follow. A group presenting a “can do” attitude a daily basis,  requires performance and achieves its goal thanks to optimal collaboration. It can be a project team, unit, or even virtual team, proving that we achieve more together.

The winner: Team of great 22 individuals working in project for our Swedish Client – Pulsen Omsorg.

  • Category: Recruitment Champ

The one that sees talent and potential in others. Open-minded observer with a great ability to match the perfect candidate to a team all while ensuring candidates have a pleasant experience. It can be a person in recruitment role or any other member of our company whose involvement in recruitment process makes a difference.

The winner: Krzysztof Bergiel, IT Recruitment Specialist at Sigma IT

  • Category: Leader of the Year

A person from all walks of life who can lead, inspire, teach and coach others. Someone whom people follow and trust. An individual with ability to lead by example, encourage others to do great things.

The winner: Natalia Husarz, Competence Unit Manager at Sigma IT

  • Category: Technology Master

An expert in it’s his/her technology field. A person that goes beyond just coding, testing, managing.

A go to person with any kind of technical question. Recognized for his/her mentorship and high quality of delivery among team members, clients and other co-workers.

The winner: Vadym Ilnytskyi, Senior Software Engineer at Sigma IT

  • Category: Special Award of Jury

Special award of the year for a person with great general attitude to life, work and colleagues.

A person that lives it’s and companies values at best. A person that performs in daily work and is also fun to work with. A person that is pro-active in all fields of company’s internal life.

The winner: Łukasz Fudro, Senior Front-end Developer at Sigma IT

Huge congratulations to all of the winners. We hope your example in 2021 can inspire others.

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With Sigma IT´s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.