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Practical Engineering Insights for Pharma and Bio Leaders

Cloud, data, software development, and productivity

In partnership with One Nucleus and the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC), on July 3rd, 2024, we’re hosting a FREE event for health and life sciences organizations in and around Cambridge. Our experts will share their expertise and insights from leading industry projects, discussing best practices and strategies to tackle diverse design and development challenges. They will delve into four key topics: cloud, data, software development, and productivity. Gain valuable knowledge, network with peers, and foster innovation!

AGENDA (Local UK time)

How to Maximize Data Security by Building Isolated Environment in Public Cloud – Paweł Weber, Senior Software Engineer and DevOps

Digital Lab: Automation with Metadata and Focus on Data Quality – Rafał Klimek, Senior Software Engineer

Networking & Refreshments Break

Harnessing Neurodiversity in Pharma and IT – Dariusz Wiśniewski, Senior Project Manager

From Prototype To Product: Why Scientists Need Engineers? – Karol Bubała, Scientific Software Developer


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To coincide with the ON Helix Bio Innovation Conference, tech company Sigma IT Poland is hosting an event for healthtech and life sciences organizations in and around Cambridge. This event aims to leverage the gathering of industry leaders and innovators at ON Helix, providing an additional platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Attendees will benefit from a comprehensive agenda with expert presentations and opportunities to discuss the latest technological advancements and digital solutions tailored to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. Join us to maximize your conference experience and stay ahead in the rapidly evolving healthtech landscape.


Our diverse agenda includes scaling data solutions, cloud operations insights, and advancements in health technology. Expert speakers will share their experiences from top projects and discuss best practices and strategies for tackling product design and development challenges specific to this industry.


This event is tailored for biotechnology, medtech, and pharmatech organizations and anyone interested in the presented technology topics. We bring together leadership, business, IT, and engineering professionals involved in building digital solutions. Whether you’re a seasoned expert or just starting in the biotech or pharmaceutical industry, this event offers invaluable insights and networking opportunities. Gain practical knowledge, forge valuable connections, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving pharma and biotech engineering world.


Attendees will gain valuable knowledge of digital trends and innovation through engaging presentations and interactive discussions. You will be able to learn directly from industry professionals who are leading the way in healthtech and biotech engineering.

The event will offer plenty of networking opportunities, letting you connect with peers, share experiences, and build valuable relationships. You’ll leave with actionable insights on scaling data solutions, enhancing cloud security, and improving collaboration in digital labs.

Additionally, you’ll explore practical case studies and strategies for leveraging neurodiversity in your teams. This event will equip you with the tools and connections to stay ahead in the ever-evolving pharma and biotech industries.


Paweł Weber, Senior Software Engineer and DevOps, Sigma IT Poland – “HOW TO MAXIMISE DATA SECURITY BY BUILDING ISOLATED ENVIRONMENT IN PUBLIC CLOUD” (15:30-15:55)

Paweł Weber is a seasoned Cloud Engineer and Senior Python Developer at Sigma IT Poland, specializing in AWS Cloud Platforms for biopharmaceuticals. With expertise in secure access, high-performance computing, and infrastructure automation, Paweł has a proven track record in IoT and cloud solutions. Paweł holds advanced computer science and applied electronics degrees from Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Poland.

In his presentation: “HOW TO MAXIMISE DATA SECURITY BY BUILDING ISOLATED ENVIRONMENT IN PUBLIC CLOUD,” Paweł Weber reveals how to secure your data in the cloud with isolated environments. Discover how to ensure secure access, optimize high-performance computing on-demand, and manage costs effectively. Learn about network design, data encryption, and compliance in this must-attend session.


Rafał Klimek, Senior Software Engineer, Sigma IT Poland – “DIGITAL LAB: AUTOMATION WITH METADATA AND FOCUS ON DATA QUALITY” (15:55-16:20)

Rafał Klimek is a seasoned front-end developer with over ten years of experience in the IT industry. Specializing in creating user-friendly interfaces, Rafał has worked on diverse projects in tourism, air travel, and content management. He collaborates with a pharmaceutical company, focusing on metadata, controlled vocabularies, and data automation to enhance research and development.

In his presentation “DIGITAL LAB: AUTOMATION WITH METADATA AND FOCUS ON DATA QUALITY,” Rafał Klimek will explore how automation with metadata can transform digital labs, focusing on enhancing data quality and fostering a strong organizational data culture. He will discuss the importance of controlled vocabularies and how they streamline research collaboration, ultimately driving efficiency and providing accurate data provenance in pharmaceutical R&D.


Dariusz Wiśniewski, Senior Project Manager, Sigma IT Poland – “HARNESSING NEURODIVERSITY IN PHARMA AND IT” (16:45-17:10)

Dariusz Wiśniewski is a seasoned communications specialist and Python programmer specializing in medical AI with 7 years of IT expertise. He is dedicated to advancing healthcare technology and data science. With extensive experience in project management and pioneering AI-driven medical solutions, he bridges the gap between technical innovation and impactful healthcare outcomes. Recognized for his innovation and commitment to fostering diversity in tech, Dariusz shares his expertise at prestigious events and mentors the next generation of innovators.

In his presentation, “HARNESSING NEURODIVERSITY IN PHARMA AND IT,” Dariusz Wiśniewski delves into the transformative potential of neurodiversity within the realms of Pharma and IT. Discover practical strategies for effectively managing neurodivergent traits to drive workplace innovation and problem-solving, thus shaping the future of diverse work environments.


Karol Bubała, Scientific Software Developer, Sigma IT Poland – “FROM PROTOTYPE TO PRODUCT: WHY SCIENTISTS NEED ENGINEERS?” (17:10-17:35)

Karol Bubała is a chemical engineering graduate with a passion for programming. As a scientific software developer at Sigma IT Poland, he merges science and technology to streamline researchers’ workflows, enabling groundbreaking advancements.

Describing himself as a Java developer by heart, a Python developer by necessity, and a cheminformatician by accident, Karol excels at translating complex scientific needs into robust software solutions, bridging the gap between scientists and programmers to achieve remarkable results.

In his presentation: “FROM PROTOTYPE TO PRODUCT: WHY SCIENTISTS NEED ENGINEERS?” Karol Bubała highlights the essential role of engineers in transforming scientific prototypes into polished products. A compelling case study shows how open source, stabilization, and rigorous testing ensure successful product development.



Sigma IT Poland (, a division of the Swedish IT consulting and R&D company Nexer Group, specializes in building, providing, and managing cross-functional delivery teams.

These teams integrate with clients’ projects to design, develop, and test digital products and solutions across multiple domains. Our team of over 150 subject-matter experts delivers value-driven services in software and product development, data engineering, cloud computing, testing, analytics, and project management, transforming visionary ideas into robust solutions that benefit businesses and individuals.

We have extensive experience developing digital solutions for the Biotech and Health and welfare sectors, continually expanding our Competence Centers focused on projects within these industries. Trusted by some of the most renowned brands globally, we collaborate with leading pharmaceutical companies, innovative medical technology firms, major automotive manufacturers, prominent furniture retailers, advanced media production companies, and cutting-edge smart home technology providers. We are dedicated to driving innovation and excellence in every project we undertake.

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One Nucleus ( For this meetup, our local partner and promoter is One Nucleus, a Cambridge-based membership organization for international life science and healthcare companies. Established in 1997 with over 470 members from pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies, One Nucleus is an excellent support for us in organizing the meetup. Their main annual conference, ON Helix, will take place on July 4th, while our tech meetup will be featured on the Fringe Events agenda the day before.

British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) ( Additionally, the British-Polish Chamber of Commerce (BPCC) is another key partner, offering access to around 280 committed member firms and thousands of business contacts. The BPCC facilitates business development through sector-led events, provides valuable market insights, and ensures high-quality networking opportunities, including access to board-level business and government decision-makers.

Where is the event held?

Location: Westminster College Madingley Road, Cambridge CB3 0AA

The meetup will be held in The Shasha Suite, located within the Woolf Institute.

Upon your arrival, please proceed to the front of the College, then turn left and follow the building around until you reach the Woolf Institute on the left-hand side. For your convenience, a photo has been attached below.

Location and Parking – for details, click here

Building Accessibilityread more here

Photo below: By Woolf Institute123 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,


Upon arrival and throughout the event, attendees will receive complimentary refreshments. As the event progresses, a buffet and beverages will be served.


Join us and learn from industry professionals and network with peers. Click here to register.

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