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AI and Interdisciplinary Expertise 

in Project Management



Meet our colleague Leszek Emil Buczek. He studied astronautics and rocket propulsion but has long been passionate about user-centered industrial design. He is also very enthusiastic about generative AI and works as a Project Management Officer for a large Scandinavian client daily. Leszek talks about the multidisciplinary approach in IT and the growing role of artificial intelligence in project management today.

The Beginnings of AI Fascination

Sigma IT Poland: Leszek, please tell us a bit about your journey with IT and how your fascination with artificial intelligence began.

Leszek Buczek: It all started in 2020 when I decided to enter the world of IT. I had to choose a programming language, and since Python is closely associated with artificial intelligence, it seemed the perfect choice.

What was your first job like as a Python programmer, and how did you start exploring machine learning?

The first six months of working as a Python programmer were intense, and I only had a little time to explore other areas. Then, I became more interested in machine learning and its business and data analysis applications. Meanwhile, the AI revolution emerged, and I was fascinated by the capabilities of generative AI in text and image generation. I was amazed when I saw the graphic generation models, which were still very rudimentary. I was just overwhelmed and wanted more and more!

The Remarkable Capabilities of AI Models

Which specific tools in the field of generative AI have caught your interest the most?

Certainly, ChatGPT, Midjourney, and Google’s Gemini are very well-known and popular, but I was also interested in lesser-known models like Stable Diffusion AI. I often set up these models on servers, requiring Python to configure the environment.

What surprised you the most during this journey through AI tool capabilities?

Besides the more popular AI models, I discovered that many others are used in various areas. For example, there are models for very specific, narrow applications, such as models dedicated to human silhouettes—designed to replicate clothing best or inspired by anime/manga style. A huge online community is dedicated solely to training anime/manga models, focusing on typical Asian comics. People dedicate their days and spare time to teaching models about Japanese comics.

Interdisciplinary approach in IT

In your opinion, how is the world of projects in the IT industry changing, partly due to the emergence of AI?

In the IT industry, there are more and more clients, users, and people, and there is less and less need to write code, or this code is created somewhat differently. Increasingly, the code “writes itself,” and anticipating the needs of people and business clients is essential.

I hear an interdisciplinary approach is very close to you. Can you tell us more about your background?

I studied astronautics, and rocket propulsion, which are strictly technical subjects. But I have also been passionate about design, including industrial design, for a long time, which means designing for the user. Thanks to this, I better understand the assumptions of cognitive science and its applications in the field of UX/UI in IT. In today’s world, more and more attention is paid to customers’ needs and understanding of users and their way of perceiving things, making an interdisciplinary approach crucial.

How do these specific experiences help you in the projects you are currently managing?

Understanding users’ needs in the physical world allows me to translate them into the design of applications or websites more easily.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

Moving on to artificial intelligence, how do you see its impact on project management?

I use generative artificial intelligence to create mock-ups of applications or websites to illustrate my work better. AI can significantly improve project management processes by automating information gathering, report generation, or problem classification in first-line maintenance. However, for these solutions to be fully utilized, we need greater awareness of business and standards that we can support and promote.

What changes in project management might result from the development of AI in the future?

Over time, we can expect greater integration of AI into project management processes, which will contribute to their more efficient conduct. Moreover, AI can support the personalization of content and graphics delivery—such as in offer presentations—and adapt to customer preferences based on analysis of available internet data.

Development Perspectives

What are the prospects for developing human-machine interactions using artificial intelligence to facilitate teamwork?

Utilizing artificial intelligence can enable communication to be tailored to the language and values of a given organization, speeding up the feedback collection process and allowing for proposing solutions instead of asking questions. In the coming years, we can expect increasingly intuitive interfaces for collaboration with artificial intelligence-based systems. Process automation will become even more accessible to users, making these tools more intuitive and user-friendly.

Do you think big business is ready for full immersion in artificial intelligence tools?

Implementing artificial intelligence tools may encounter resistance in large firms, especially when unfamiliar with this technology or need more standards for broader-scale operation. However, more and more organizations recognize the potential of AI in improving customer experience through communication personalization and automation of data collection and analysis processes. With the development of awareness and experience in artificial intelligence, businesses can expect greater readiness for full immersion in these tools.

Leszek, thank you for a very interesting conversation!

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