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Empowering and Shaping the Future

Key Insights from the Women in Tech 2023 Summit

Empowering and Shaping the Future: Key Insights from the Women in Tech 2023 Summit

On June 14-15, 2023, four women from Sigma IT Poland, representing various departments and perspectives, participated in the Women in Tech Summit. The group included Katarzyna Czupryńska, Chief People Officer, Agata Małysz, Scrum Master, Katarzyna Podejko-Potarzyńska, R&D Business Unit Manager, and Beata Zubaka, New Business Manager.

Their presence at the summit highlights Sigma IT’s commitment to promoting gender diversity and inclusion within the tech industry. Our colleagues shared their experiences, inspiring others and contributing to the ongoing conversation about empowering women in technology.

Bridging the Gender Gap

The Women in Tech Summit, led by Bianka Siwińska, President of the Perspektywy Educational Foundation, is specifically tailored for women in science and technology. It brings together professionals from various backgrounds, aiming to empower and inspire them to thrive in the industry and bridge the gender gap.

Unveiling Sustainable Solutions

Insights from the Women in Tech conference shed light on various compelling topics. One of the key issues discussed was sustainability, particularly focusing on the energy consumption associated with mobile connectivity and data transfers. Participants emphasized the need to optimize systems by implementing smart solutions, considering energy usage during different times of the day, and promoting education on reducing our environmental footprint. While a proper approach may require additional investment, it brings long-term benefits, and consumers play a vital role in driving change.

Challenging Stereotypes

Another significant subject addressed at the conference was the impact of stereotypes. Janina Bąk delivered a thought-provoking speech, highlighting how stereotypes are deeply rooted in early childhood and influence perceptions throughout life. A study revealed that even at age five, children depict female scientists in only 28% of their drawings, further decreasing by age 16. Promoting diverse role models and offering alternative narratives, such as those found in Janina’s books, can challenge these stereotypes and foster a more inclusive mindset.

Regulating AI

The keynote session on the AI Economy focused on the recent passing of the AI Act by the European Union, representing the first global attempt to regulate artificial intelligence. The act aims to protect consumers and data, mitigate disinformation, and adopt a risk-based approach. Certain practices, such as social scoring systems, will be prohibited. With the increasing popularity of AI tools like ChatGPT, the act’s final version is expected to be passed by the end of the year, potentially influencing businesses’ decisions regarding their operations within or outside the EU.

Furthermore, the conference explored technology’s growing complexity, including optimizing 5G and device performance through machine learning and AI. In the healthcare sector, AI enables the analysis of extensive patient data for early disease prediction, personalized care, and energy consumption optimization. Implementing automated guided vehicles and robots in warehouse logistics exemplifies the transformative impact of AI on industry practices.


Overall, the Women in Tech conference provided valuable insights into issues such as sustainability, stereotypes, and the regulatory landscape surrounding AI. The conference fostered discussions that contribute to a more inclusive, innovative, and socially responsible tech industry by addressing these topics.

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