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SociAl Care & Welfare Solutions

Case study – Health & Welfare

Improving THe Quality of Social Care & Welfare Through Digitalization


Our Client – PULSEN OMSORG is a leading Swedish software solution provider, active in the health & welfare sector for over 30 years. The company tackles some of the major challenges of our times by digitizing social care and welfare services. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, the company aims to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities while streamlining processes and increasing efficiency. The company delivers secure services and systems within the social services for municipalities and private healthcare providers in Sweden.   


Our Client aims to offer the most advanced and easy-to-use social care & welfare service systems in the market. To achieve this goal, our cross-functional development team is fully committed to supporting the Client every step of the way. 

Throughout our four-year collaboration with Pulsen team, our goals have been tailored to meet the evolving demands of each project phase, such as:
– rebuilding the core system
– significantly reducing critical errors
– delivering new functionalities, and maintaining two versions of the application.
– refactoring and further development of 2 solutions
– the ground-up development of solution for home care services
– creating a new brand iOS App.


Several challenges punctuated our journey, each requiring strategic problem-solving and innovative approaches. Some of these challenges were:

·    The complexity and multi-modular nature of the core system: it demanded a nuanced and comprehensive understanding of business logic and dependencies between systems 

·    Working with interface in Swedish, including Swedish labels in UI, posed linguistic and design challenge 

·    Writing code that could be robust, efficient, and reusable for the old web, new web, and mobile solutions.

Our Services and Contribution

Starting from a team of 6 Engineers in the project, we gradually built and provided over a 30-person team, including Full-stack developers, React developers, QA Engineers, NET/C# Experts, Database Developers, and Scrum Masters). Throughout our already four-year partnership, our team has consistently shouldered diverse responsibilities: 

·        Rebuilding and stabilizing the core system during the first six months with enhanced continuous maintenance and support.  

·        Delivering new functionalities to the core system, enabling efficient management of social care services and handling everything from decisions to scheduling and reporting.

·        Refactoring and further development of planning solution for municipalities and private welfare that enables optimization of the planning of interventions and matching the users’ needs with the staff’s schedule and skills. 

·        Refactoring and further development of personnel daily app for task management

·        Developing a new home care services app from scratch, starting from the first mockup to product release 

·        Creating a new brand iOS App enabling users to work seamlessly at customer locations. 

·        Introducing automated​ testing  

·        Introducing DevOps practices to enhance the efficiency of software delivery. 

Leadership In Agile Transformation

Our pivotal role in facilitating Agile transformation for the client extended beyond mere assistance; we spearheaded the entire process of transition with a dedicated team comprising three seasoned Agile Leaders and Scrum Masters.  

We helped Client in adopting Agile methodologies and successfully transitioning to streamlined operations. We played a crucial part in enabling the client to seamlessly embrace and implement SAFe practices, ensuring a holistic and adaptive approach to their operational framework.



from weeks of manual testing to 700 automated scenarios overnight

Agile Transformation Success

spearheaded a successful transition and implementation of SAFe practices 

New brand iOS App 

successfully developed within 10 weeks

Scalable Delivery

from a team of 6 to 34 Engineers and Scrum Masters 

Wide range of new functionalities

spanning all facets of social care and social services 

NEW Products Development

from the first mock-ups to release

Core TechnologiES

·        React 
·        Redux 
·        Material UI with Typescript ​ 
·        C# 
·        ASP.NET Core 
·        Entity Framework Core
·        Web API ​ 

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