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The ecosystem of AI-based Drug Discovery Solutions

Case study – life sciences

FInding Faster and Smarter ways TO discover new and better Drugs

The client is a full-stack AI drug discovery company; the first company to automate drug design and the first to have an AI-Designed molecule enter clinical trials. Their single most important mission is to apply AI to precision engineer medicines more rapidly and efficiently. 

We help Client build and sustain an ecosystem of products and tools for various stages of drug discovery. By automating parts of the drug discovery process, the company aims to reduce the time and cost traditionally associated with drug development. 


The main technical challenges:
– Complex biology and diverse targets
– Balancing multiple parameters
– Data availability & quality
– Continuous model improvement
– Interdisciplinary collaboration.

Our Services

We built and provided a cross-functional team that currently consists of 17 consultants: Back-end, front-end, and Full-stack developers, DevOps, and Data Engineers working on a few different projects. The team is responsible for building and maintaining the ecosystem of products and tools, including:

– solution that allows scientists to a fast and easy search for chemical compounds and their visualization,
– solution for exchange of data between company projects
– rolling out a data management platform to replace the old system 
– cheminformatics  tools which required close collaboration with the lab on the reverse feedback
cloud-based medical device solution
– automating, building, and maintaining tools for deployment and monitoring,  developing IAC, CI/CD.

Problems we solve

Parrarelism In Phyton

Large File processing

Cloud Data Processing In scale

Compute Power And Storage


We are dedicated to helping our Client find faster and smarter ways to discover new and better drugs. By applying advanced technologies like AI to precision engineer medicines more rapidly and efficiently, ultimately enabling people to live healthier and more productive lives. It brings us great pride to be a part of this important work.

Innovation is A process

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