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Smart Home Management APP

Case Study

For the Cost-Efficient and secure home

Heimgard Technologies is a smart home solution provider headquartered in Norway, preferred by leading international telecom operators and sales partners. The company offers software compatible with over 2,000 products and brands that can be controlled through the app.

The Client needed a team of engineers with GoLang and Google Cloud skills to further develop solution that would control multiple sensors, switches, cameras and other devices. Later the Client decided to strengthen the team with specialists experienced in C++, Android and Angular.

Our Services

We provided cross-functional team consisting of 7 persons: C++ developers, embedded developers, Android developer, and Golang developer with Google Cloud, who joined the client for a 2-year journey to support the project goals.

The main scope of our work included:
·        implementing and integrating the external partner solution with Client platform in Golang
·        development of application available to end-users
·        the development of the cloud part responsible for the exchange of data between smart devices and application
·        rewriting legacy parts of the code base from Python to C ++

The ChallenGe

The first main goal was to deliver a statistics module, gather all data from sensors, operational functions, etc., and send it to the cloud for further processing. ​Statistics aggregator was first embedded service written in GoLang where memory management plays a key role. Cloud part had to be scalable and extendable.  ​


Smart Home Management App that controls multiple sensors, switches, cameras, alarms, and other devices. It contains two main parts: cloud and embedded.

The App provides a user-friendly management tool that reduces the need for users requiring support.
It allows complete home control and increases comfort and security while lowering energy bills. The users can view cameras, sensors, and alarms, adjust indoor climate and lighting, and monitor energy consumption. Instant notifications on the phone and live video feed from cameras help remotely manage the security level.
The solution makes Heimgard the largest smart home provider in Nordics.

Core Technologies

·        Golang​
·        Python​
·        C++
·        Cassandra​
·        Redis​
·        SQLite​
·        grpc rest​
·        WebSockets
·        zmq (event bus)​
·        Kubernetes​
·        Google Cloud
·        Android
·        Angular


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