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Custom Development teams


Trust and relationships are what we value utmost. Our Clients rely on us to build their cross-functional development teams and manage software delivery to create successful IT solutions.  


Tech Competencies

I lack the appropriate technological competencies and skills in my team.

We’re scaling fast and need to expand our teams and create a good delivery process.

Recruitment Challenges

I have a problem with recruiting IT professionals, highly-skilled and experienced in technologies needed for the project
– tech talents shortage on local market.

Financial & Time Pressure

I exceeded the project budget due to high engineering costs and growing salary pressure.

I need to reduce time to market of my digital product.

DiStributed Team challenges

I managed distributed teams for the first time and started facing management problems. I need clear troubleshooting proven strategies that make distributed teams management more successful.

More Efficient Project Delivery

We can help you meet these challenges and increase your development capabilities by providing experienced delivery teams with a wide range of technology and industry expertise.

Our delivery teams work from Poland, where we can take advantage of the great potential of highly skilled IT professionals’ job market.

We’re a a division within Swedish company DANIR AB , and our company culture and the way we do business reflect our Scandinavian roots. We know how vital cultural and communication matching is in business cooperation: our Clients from Scandinavian countries and the UK, value us for providing delivery teams that suit their organization’s structure, company values, and way of working.

Achieve the Highest level of Your Development efficiency

End to End Services tailored to your Needs:

We’ll expand your Delivery Capabilities through Team Extension

Flexible Approach to Cooperation Model (Time & Material, Flat Rate, Work Packages, Managed Services)

we will assemble a dedicated well-matched team that will best suit your organization’s structure and way of working 

you can choose a team model that suits you the best: cross-functional, blended, or autonomous 

Wide Range of Technology and Industry Expertise in the fields of sOFTWArE AND prODUCT Development, Data and Cloud, Project Management, Analytics and QuaLITY

Depending on your needs – you can have complete control or delegate responsibility for all or part of the project to us 

Centers of Excellence: Our CORE Competences

Our Greatest assets Are our Employees

We make every effort to ensure that our employees represent the top-level IT professionals. We assure it through our recruitment processes, company culture that combine Polish and Swedish passion for technology and entrepreneurship, employee development plans, as well as building our 3 CENTERS OF EXCELLENCE:

1. Building, Optimizing & Maintaining Cloud

Expert teams that focus on DevOps and data management. We work with the most reliable cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

2. Research & Development Projects

Embedded engineering and low-level programming experts for the projects related to connectivity/smart home, mixed reality solutions, and many more. 

3. Business Applications

Custom software development along with project management and testing for various projects across all major industries. Our teams care about the usability, accessibility, and security of web and mobile applications. 

Good Cooperation leads to good results


Poland-Based Delivery Teams, Scandinavian Root Company

We’re local and global. Located in Poland, we can take advantage of the great potential of highly skilled IT professionals’ job market. We operate globally as a part of Danir AB.

Polish and Swedish Passion for Technology and entrepreneurship

We turn it into a better future for our clients, employees, and the world around us. With our cutting edge services in software development, data engineering and cloud services, we make sure our clients are not just a part of change, but ahead of it.

Trusted Partner for Long-term Cooperation

Most of our Clients have worked with us for several years, building and developing with us their cross-functional teams.

Flexible approach to cooperation models

We adapt business cooperation models and delivery processes to your needs to partner successfully with your business.

Let’s Talk

Just tell us about your needs and together we’ll find the best solution that will suit your company’s structure and way of working.

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With Sigma IT´s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.