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Low-level/Embedded Programming

Our Dev4Tech competence center is all about embedded engineering and low-level programming at its heart.

Low-level programming is necessary wherever there is a need to write a program that controls and modifies the hardware of a particular type of computer. Programming in low-level languages requires developers to have a solid knowledge of hardware architecture, so it’s often considered more demanding than high-level programming.

Dev4Tech consists of high-qualified cross-functional teams with end2end capabilities to design, build and test connected products, as well as extensive experience in the mixed reality, connectivity/smart home, telecommunication, and many other projects. Our Teams are helping companies to craft solutions that ensure are Clients are not just a part of the change but ahead of it.

Our goal is to build a strong R&D delivery center focused on projects in connectivity, data and mixed reality. We create space and opportunity for engineers to continuously up-skills and share their knowledge. We believe in learning culture and collaboration to be the mother of invention.
Apart from the core tech stack that is tightly connected to the current market tech, we look into the future and aim to extend this Competence Unit to deeper expertise in Cloud Tech, ML and AI

Dev4Tech Competence Unit Manager
Embedded Programming FOR CAT


CLIENT: Multinational networking and telecommunications company

SOLUTION: Software Radio Solution for 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G mobile
network base station systems. The software components are responsible for managing, configuring and supervising base station hardware elements and logical resources. Radio System is designed to fit all site types and traffic scenarios, even as networks grow in scale and complexity, from 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G – delivering industry-leading performance on the smallest site footprint with the lowest energy consumption.

TEAM: We’ve built self-organizing and cross-functional team responsible for end-to-end feature delivery, starting from early design/prototype stage (cooperation with system architects) to final verification. The team consists of 7 persons in the role of senior and mid developers.
There’re a high collaboration culture in the team, as well as leading and mentoring experience for junior team members in other locations.

CORE TECHNOLOGIES: C++11/14/17, Linux, protobuf, cmake, gtest, gmock, git, gerrit

Solutions And Industries

Our Project Experience:

Network Device: Wi-Fi Tech

Client: Leading Swedish supplier of open-source software for the digital home.

Solution: Advanced platform -independent gateway software based on OpenWRT.

Core technologies:
Linux, Open WRT, Wifi, Mesh WIFI

Smart Home Solution

Client: The largest smart home provider in the Nordics

Solution: Smart Home Management Application

Core technologies:
Golang​, Python​, Cassandra​, Redis​, SQLite​, grpc rest​, WebSockets, zmq (event bus)​, Kubernetes​, Google Cloud ​

See Client’s Review

Mixed Reality

Client: Swedish video production software provider

Solution: Cloud-based mixed reality media production platform

Core technologies:
AWS, EC2, AWS Cloud Digital Interface, Elastic Fabric Adapter, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, CloudFormation, Swift, Docker, ECS, Microservices architecture

Audio software Solution

Client: Swedish provider of leading DAW platform

Solution: Digital Audio Workstation Platform

Core technologies: RubyonRails, Node.js, C++ and Front-End, AWS, Google WebAssembly, Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab

Smart Home APP For Retail

Client: Multinational retail company

Solution: Smart Home Application with centralized home accessories management

Core technologies:
Yocto​, Embedded Linux​, C++ / GO​, NodeJS​, ZigBee​

Data Science Solution (ML)

Client: Multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company

Solution: data science solution for prediction of new undiagnosed cases for many different diseases by using machine learning on biomarker data.

Core technologies:
BioInformatics​, Python​, TenserFlow​, scikit-learn​, Pandas​, Numba​, Dask


Our in-house engineering expertise in R&D is based around tech stack in:
– C / C++,
– WiFi, 
– Embedded Linux (OpenWRT),
– VoIP,
– Python,
– Golang,
– Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), 
– Yocto, 
– NodeJS,
– BSP. 


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