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Embedded devices are part of our everyday lives, and embedded software development has an enormous impact on various domains, constantly increasing the demand for high-skilled embedded software engineers.

Our R&D Competence Center is all about embedded engineering and low-level programming at its heart to support our Client when creating a cutting-edge software solutions that control, modify and manage the hardware and devices.

Expertise in programming languages and top-notch knowledge of hardware architecture, processors, connectivity options, platforms, and other technologies allow us to deliver embedded solutions of any complexity and solve challenges at any stage of product development. 

Our Tech Expertise in Embedded Engineering

In the realm of embedded software development, our delivery teams possess a rich array of technical skills and knowledge tailored to craft seamless and efficient solutions for a variety of applications. Proficiency in programming languages such as C and C++ lies at the core of our expertise, enabling us to intricately interface with low-level hardware and ensure optimal code execution.

We excel in managing tasks, scheduling operations, and allocating resources in real-time embedded systems through our expertise in Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS). We are well-versed in a wide array of peripheral interfaces enabling smooth communication with sensors, actuators, and external devices.

Whether navigating through the intricacies of embedded Linux development, leveraging debugging and testing tools, our team is adept at navigating the complexities of embedded software development.

With a keen focus on security principles, low-power optimization techniques, and the latest advancements in wireless communication protocols, we are committed to delivering robust and innovative solutions that exceed expectations in the embedded domain.

Embedded Software -reverse eNGINEERING

We offer embedded software reverse engineering services, including accessing the software code, disassembling it, recovering lost information, and then analyzing it.

The knowledge gained during reverse engineering can help you to:
– make a better decision for software development
– reduce the overall cost of development
– secure an already developed system against technology leakage
– limit cost, save time and money, and asses the risk before a more significant amount of resources will be turned for PoC, recruitment, or resources reassignment.

Michael Koziorowski
R&D New Business Manager

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Case Study

Multi-Functional Device with Router, VoIP and smart Home Functionalities

Our team of Embedded Software Engineers and Frontend Developers delivered the product for final testing, accelerating Client’s product time-to-market. The project’s scope included integration and modification of SDK from HW provider and then product development in the following areas: low-level Linux, VoIP, router configuration, and router core functionalities.

Wi-Fi LAB: Secure Solution for Remote Embedded Software Development

Many R&D projects require our engineering teams to work with Clients’ hardware and devices. For the security and convenience of Clients and engineering teams, we created our own Wi-Fi Lab, which enables easy, unlimited access to devices and the ability to work on development and testing, not only from the office or home but from anywhere in the world. All this while maintaining all safety standards.


Wi-Fi 7: Discover the Benefits and Applications.

How can the project benefit from the latest advancement in wireless technology? Learn about industry collaboration and find out about solutions that can make it easier to adopt Wi-Fi7.  

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With Sigma IT´s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.