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Breaking barriers between homes, cars, and workplaces is at the core of what we do. Our engineers develop software solutions tailored to erase these boundaries, ensuring seamless communication between devices. We specialize in building and delivering cross-functional teams for connectivity &IoT projects, providing end-2-end capabilities to design, build and test connected products.



How can the project benefit from the latest advancement in wireless technology? Learn about industry collaboration and find out about solutions that can make it easier to adopt Wi-Fi7.  

Erasing Borders BeTween Homes, Cars, ANd Workpaces

Connectivity Center

Our Connectivity Center is focused on developing software solutions that solve connectivity challenges in life and business. Our engineers leverage cutting-edge technologies to establish robust connections between devices and systems, ensuring efficient data exchange and streamlined operations.

In-depth knowledge and experience from various projects allow them to advise you on the right connectivity options for your product and connect it to the cloud to benefit from storage, processing, and other cloud services.

Trust us to engineer bespoke solutions that empower your business with seamless connectivity.

Our tech Expertise within Connectivity

Programming Languages

Proficiency in C, C++, Python, GoLang, and more.

Embedded Engineering

Expertise in developing embedded systems for seamless connectivity integration.

Network Protocols Development

Extensive knowledge of 2G to 5G, Wi-Fi, VoIP, DECT, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi Mesh protocols.

OpeN Source platform Development

Specialized in Linux, OpenWrt, Yocto, and other open-source platforms.

Cloud Technologies

Proficiency in connecting products to cloud platforms for storage, processing, and utilizing cloud services.

Web and Mobile Interfaces

Skilled in designing user-friendly interfaces for web and mobile applications.

Michael Koziorowski
R&D New Business Manager

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Case studies

Innovations THAT MATTER

Security And Convenience: Wi-Fi LAB

Many R&D projects require our engineering teams to work with Clients’ hardware and devices. For the security and convenience of Clients and engineering teams, we created our own Wi-Fi Lab, which enables easy, unlimited access to devices and the ability to work on development and testing, not only from the office or home but from anywhere in the world. All this while maintaining all safety standards.


Tell us about your project needs and together we’ll find the perfect solution.