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Driving Automotive Software Solutions Forward

Services for Automotive

We help automotive companies in driving software development & digitalization forward. Leveraging our expertise in technologies and building highly efficient cross-functional development teams, we empower our Clients to reach their goals swiftly and innovate with software-driven solutions. We take pride in being trusted partners to some of the industry’s leading automotive brands that rely on our dedication to digital transformations and expertise in the areas such as PowerBI, Infotainment, and CI/CD implementation.

TECH EXcellence and industry Experience


Our primary focus is on building high-performing cross-functional development teams tailored exclusively for automotive companies. Having delivered numerous successful projects for automotive companies, we gained experience that allow us to provide teams that possess a unique blend of technical prowess and an in-depth understanding of automotive business intricacies.

Our engineers excel in a range of areas, from data analytics and visualization techniques for Business Intelligence solutions to crafting engaging and intuitive infotainment systems. Furthermore, our teams are well-versed in digitalization strategies and CI/CD practices, ensuring seamless integration and continuous improvement throughout the development lifecycle.

Our Tech Expertise for Automotive

Transforming automotive Business With Tailored Solutions

BusIness Intelligence Solutions

We build solutions that process data from various sources and visualize them in a way that helps our customers understand the information they store to support business development and strategic decision-making. Utilizing robust platforms like PowerBI and QlikView, we ensure the reliability and effectiveness of every solution we deliver.

InfoTainment Solutons

Our engineering teams are at the forefront of innovation, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to craft immersive infotainment solutions. These solutions are not merely about entertainment; they’re about enhancing the journey for drivers and passengers alike, seamlessly blending functionality with an unparalleled user experience.

Digitalization Solutions

We design, build and test intuitive solutions that digitalize various departments’ processes and operations. It includes systems that automate and simplify tasks like contacting customers, managing contracts, setting up workshop visits, etc., making employees’ work much easier than before and improving customer experiences.

Accelerating Automotive Digital Transformation

Expert CI/CD ImpementATIONS

The world of automotive technology moves at a rapid pace, and being able to adapt and innovate quickly is crucial to stay ahead.

Our team of experts are masters of CI/CD, seamlessly integrating code changes and automating the deployment process for smooth and efficient software delivery. With hands-on experience in the automotive industry, our engineers understand the importance of reliability, scalability, and security in every software release. From concept to production, they work tirelessly to ensure that software solutions meet the highest quality and performance standards.

With a focus on collaboration, transparency, and continuous improvement, we’re dedicated to helping automotive companies drive innovation and success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

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New Business Manager

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Case studies

Our Experience in Automotive

Digital Dealer System

Client: Global provider of heavy transport vehicles (NDA)

Project goal:  Enhance Efficiency through Quick Information Access

The objective is to streamline operations by facilitating swift access to aggregated information, simplifying tasks such as customer communication, workshop scheduling, and job management. Ultimately, the aim is to empower users to complete their daily tasks seamlessly through intuitive dashboards.

Challenge: integrations with multiple external systems, including DMS’s, and providing easy workshop processes handling for service advisors.

Solution: improves and makes easier the work of service advisors, fleet managers, and employees of workshops, resulting in an enhanced customer journey and experience.  By integrating diverse data sources into a unified platform, employees are provided with an easy-to-use interface for managing daily tasks, including access to customer and vehicle data, and real-time monitoring of job progress across Client workshops worldwide.

Ci/CD Impementation For Volvo Cars

Client: Volvo Cars – Swedish car manufacturer based in Gothenburg

Project goal: Empowering R&D Software Factory Development.
The objective is to establish and support the R&D Software Factory unit by designing and implementing pipelines that facilitate software development from conceptualization to commit stage. This initiative aims to enable developers at Volvo Cars to enhance the speed and quality of software development processes.

Solution: Streamlining Integration for Sustainable Software Development.
We are assembling teams to spearhead the integration efforts, ensuring a consistently operational software baseline with anticipated functional features for upcoming Volvo and Polestar car models. This endeavor encompasses bolstering the R&D Software Factory through optimization and deployment of solutions in continuous integration (CI), validation, verification, release & deployment (Cx), configuration management (CM), and Test Services.

Powerful Power BI Solutions

Client: (NDA) World leading provider of transport solutions  including trucks and buses for heavy transport applications.

Project goal: Streamlining Reporting Across Diverse Data Sources
Our aim is to facilitate reporting across multiple data sources by developing comprehensive data models, Power BI reports, and Power Apps applications.

Challenge: Integrating Data Sources with Varied Business Logic

Solution: Empowering Efficient Data Analytics

We deliver tailored Power BI reports coupled with Power Apps applications for the Finance, Investments, and HR departments. This integrated solution enables our client to conduct analytics efficiently, saving time and enhancing productivity. Business users can effortlessly navigate through data, facilitating informed decision-making processes.

ContRacts Management System

Client: Multinational automotive company (NDA)

Project goal: is to replace the outdated contracts management system with a contemporary web-based solution, aiming to simplify the management of a large volume of contracts.

Challenge:  Ensuring seamless transition with full functionality retention. The challenge is to migrate validated solutions from the old application to the new system without compromising any functionality.

Solution: We are developing a web application based on React frontend and .NET backend. Our approach incorporates modern cloud solutions from AWS and utilizes a microservices architecture. This architecture enables us to compartmentalize tasks within the system, ensuring reliability and minimizing the risk of system-wide crashes.

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