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data management

for better DECISIONS and business development

Today’s world is data-driven.

Collecting and properly analyzing information and data is key to the decision-making process. Often, however, it is not enough to make correct decisions. The pivotal aspect of data and information management is how we visualize the data for stakeholders.

Our teams profoundly understand this challenge and use reliable platforms such as PowerBI and QlikView to build desired data representations.

In short, we help our customers to understand the data they store to support business development and strategic decision-making.

“We also develop custom data visualization solutions that help our clients in their unique decision-making processes. No matter if it is biopharmaceuticals, logistics or manufacturing.” 
Data Scientist of Sigma IT Poland 

Case Study: Exploration of genomics signals

Challenge: an exploration of large datasets in real-time

Solution: we are building a backend solution that, via REST API, which provides many ways to search and filter large datasets in real-time as well as manipulate them via computational tools, to provide a JSON input for front-end service where visualization of data is done on various types of plots.

Impact: our solution will enable rapid hypothesis testing in the early stages of drug discovery, by giving researchers the ability to quickly construct cohorts of their choices for further examinations.


AWS, Python, Docker, Django, Dask


innovative medicines



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