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mixed reality

just how real is our world today?

Immersive Solutions


Reality and virtual reality are increasingly merging, with virtual and augmented reality long since having become more than gimmicks. The maturity of immersive solutions makes it ready for mass adoption enabling new sophisticated solutions for live media, gaming, construction, healthcare, and many more industries. We take pride in building those new worlds with our clients.

No matter the industry, if it is e-commerce, live media production or automotive the immersive applications become the natural step forward.

Our experts combine domain knowledge and experience from many disciplines, such as video, gaming, streaming, cloud computing, and mobile, to help our Clients build best-in-class mixed reality applications and platforms.

We build dedicated cross-functional teams, tailoring the composition to Your needs – be it mobile, front- or back-end, cloud, Unity, Unreal, artists or designers, quality assurance engineers.

Case Study: mixed reality for live media production

CLIENT: Pixotope Technologies – Norwegian software company with regional offices around the world, dedicated to developing the next generation of visual storytelling tools and experiences.

CHALLENGE: Adopting cloud services to enable broadcasters, artists, and other media companies to access and connect the power of live mixed reality for their streaming and media production. 

SOLUTION: We helped Pixotope to build a team of Subject Matter Experts that provide unique experience and competencies within the cloud, video, and web technologies to create a live cloud platform. 
The first project goal was enable customers to order software with infrastructure in the cloud without buying robust GPU machines to play with Pixotope products. Now the team is responsible for web application development and maintenance of the desktop app.

the future of media

new solutions with CLOUD-ENABLED MIXED REALITY platform

pay-as-you-go services 

Unique in its kind approach and the business model for this industry

viewership engagement

New ways of storytelling to help media partners bring a truly new experience

lowering co2 in media production 

It’s time to bring the slogans to reality

product presentations  

Mixed reality product presentations in live media transmissions are the future

Because Nothing is like Real talk

Tell us about your needs and together we’ll find the perfect solution.

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With Sigma IT´s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.