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SOftware Development For Life Sciences

Harnessing Technologies for A Healthier World

EMPOWERINg Life scieNCeS WITH Digital Technologies

Digital technologies play a crucial role in driving innovations in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and other life sciences sectors. By harnessing the power of technology, we help life science companies accelerate their efforts to introduce advancements in various areas of life sciences research, bring life-changing innovations faster and significantly improve human life. Assisting our clients in making a difference and contributing to a healthier world is a great privilege for us that we take pride in. 

Our experience in developing software solutions for world-leading life science companies allow us to provide services that contribute to advancing medical research and treatment. 

Beata Zubaka
Offering Innovation Manager

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wE dEVELOP Solutions tHAT Help Scientists AND rESEARCHERS:

tO efficiently store and analyze data, including genomic and clinical data 

tO accelerate the exploration of genomics datasets 

tO IMPROVE PROCESSES in various stages of drug discovery and development

tO Bring drugs to market faster with greater accuracy 

to Uncover patterns, identify correlations, and derive meaningful insights from complex dataset

tO Optimize experimental parameters, predict outcomes and explore different scenarios 


AcceleratING Innovations

Full-Stack Development

End-to-end development capabilities covering both front-end and back-end, including proficiency in programming languages particular used in life sciences (Python, React).

Data Engineering

Expertise in working with large datasets, data processing, statistical analysis, data visualization, and database systems that empower clients to extract, analyze, and transform valuable scientific data for breakthrough discoveries and advancements.

Machine Learning

We leverage cutting-edge algorithms and techniques for data modeling, predictive analytics, and pattern recognition, enabling more efficient drug discovery, genomics research, disease diagnosis, and other critical areas of life sciences.

Cloud Computing

Top-notch knowledge of cloud services, virtual machines, containerization, and orchestration tools enable us to provide fully scalable and serverless solutions.

Cross-Functional Software Development TeamS

We provide and manage dedicated engineering teams to design, develop and test software solutions for life science projects.

Our engineers’ mastery of web development and cloud computing technologies allow us to provide usable, secure, scalable,  and serverless solutions. Strong data engineering capabilities enable us to create solutions that can process big amounts of data in an efficient and cost-minded approach and convert it it into usable information for scientists.  We understand the importance of data visualization in scientific data management. Our engineers focus on creating intuitive data visualization tools that help scientists understand the processed data and make informed decisions. 

FroM IDEAS TO IMPACT: Programmers and Scientists ColLaboRation


“Both worlds – scientists and programmers’ have something valuable to offer. Programmers know how to create stable, maintainable, and scalable solutions. However, they often need domain-specific expertise. On the other hand, scientists develop solutions that address specific problems, but they typically lack knowledge about software development best practices. When a large company acquires such software and intends to turn it into a product, it must reconcile these two worlds and find common ground. I was in a great position to coordinate these two realms and facilitate effective communication”.

Unlock Genomics Insights

We share our knowledge and experience with genomics data processing gained in the projects for global biotech companies. Learn best practices for data processing, find out how to achieve efficiency in scalable cloud solutions and get inspired by real-life software projects.

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Beata Zubaka

Product Innovation Manager

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