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Promising Future

We’re Sigma IT Poland, a division within DANIR AB – Swedish IT consulting & R&D company. We believe the future is not a distant dream. It is the result of our actions today. Of our ability to dream big, think smart, and make it happen.

We do it by providing value-driven services in software and product development, data engineering, testing, analytics, and cloud that help our Clients to turn ideas into solid solutions serving businesses and people.

With us you move towards a future that holds a promise. Of a business that excels. Of a career that takes off. Of a better life for all. We aim to deliver on that promise.

we are local and global


expert professionals in Sigma IT Poland, with 2300 Colleagues in 15 countries using 30 years of experience.


CLOUD Center:

Whether it’s moving to the cloud, scaling, optimizing, maintaining, or improving your cloud security – we strive to have expert teams that specifically focus on cloud computing projects.

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Our experts have end-to-end capabilities to design, build and test connected products. Embedded engineering and low-level programming, OS platform development, netwok protocols are their passions.


CuStom Software Development:

Custom software development along with project management and testing for various projects across all major industries. Businesses around the globe are powered and transformed by technology and we’re taking a lead with them.

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Let’s talk about your project needs. Just send us a message and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Never miss a thing With Sigma IT´s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.

With Sigma IT´s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.