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It’s not only about the technology fit – it’s about finding the right person to match Your company culture, Your business values, Your long-term goals. Digital services are, in the end, people to people services.

Digitalization is a must-have these days. We found a unique way to accompany our clients on the journey to delivering top-class web and mobile solutions. Our teams care about the usability, accessibility, and security of your web applications. We can provide future-proof solutions by custom architecture design, use of the best available technologies and frameworks, and top-class quality assurance.

Today we develop dedicated web products that serve thousands or even millions of users as well we build sophisticated and tailored applications that allow digitalizing your company’s workflows and services.

CASe Study: Social Care & Social services Platform

Client: Pulsen Omsorg – Swedish software solution provider for the health and welfare sector

Project goal: Pulsen takes on some of today’s significant challenges – digitizing care and society’s social welfare. We take part in it by delivering new functionalities, reducing the number of critical errors ​, and maintaining two versions of the application.

Challenge: The system’s complexity and multi-modularity, the need for a deep understanding of business logic and dependencies between systems, and writing code reusable for the old, new, and mobile web.

Solution: From 6 person team 3 years ago, we are now 4 cross-functional scrum teams of 25 persons working on end-to-end solutions. Platform functionalities allow for the creation of social services applications, ​ ​aid in performing social care investigations, ​gather information about citizens’ social status,​ ​support HSL workers​, and many more. ​Among the achievements we’re proud of is introducing new ways of testing: from manual tests taking weeks to perform to over 700 scenarios of automated tests running every night. We also developed a brand new IOS APP.


Client: International automotive company

Project goal: to get a quick aggregated information access, which makes tasks like contacting customer, setting up workshop visit and job handling much easier than before. The end goal is to have a tool allowing users to complete their daily work using only the dashboard.

Challenge: integrations with multiple external systems, including DMS’s, and providing easy workshop processes handling for service advisors.

Solution: Our dedicated team works on solution that improves and makes easier the work of service advisors, fleet managers, and employees of workshops, resulting in a better customer journey and experience.  The solution integrates different data sources into one platform, providing employees easy to use interface for handling daily tasks, like access to the customer and vehicle data and job progress monitoring at Client workshops worldwide.

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With Sigma IT’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.