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Our unbreakable promise to deliver.

Delivery Teams With EdGe And Capacity

We are expert in building, providing and managing highly-skilled and experienced delivery teams with a wide range of technology and industry expertise. Over 70 % of our employees are senior and middle specialists with at least 5 years of industry experience.

We’re local and global: we operate globally as a part of Danir AB Group – Swedish IT consulting and R&D company and we’re located in Poland where we can take advantage of the great potential of highly skilled IT professionals’ job market.

Trust and relationships are what we value at most: our Clients works with us several years gradually building and expanding their cross-functional development teams according to their current projects’ needs.

We put much effort into building well-matched teams that suit Clients’ organizational cultures and company values. Our team members are committed to project success, as evidenced by our yearly Customer Satisfaction Index with an average rate for individual team members of 4.8/5 for clients’ business and industry interest, knowledge, and cooperation.

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team modelS

Cross-Functional Team

We assemble a full-service team with different functional expertise to meet your project goals.

Blended Team

also called team augmentation. A model of work where we join forces with your in-house team to deliver the project faster.

Autonomous Team

an independent team with organizational attitude to establish its own internal goals and work practices.

wide range of COMPETENCIES


Full-stack Developer
Front-end Developer
Backend Developer
Embedded Developer
Mobile Developer
Automation QA


Scrum Master
Project Manager
Delivery Manager
Agile Coach

Data and cloud

Data Engineer
Data Scientist
DevOps Engineer
CloudOps Engineer
PowerBI Developer

Analytics and quality

Business Analyst
Manual Tester
Business Intelligence

We’ll help you increase your development capabilities

areas of expertise:

Embedded Development

 Expertise in programming languages and top-notch knowledge of hardware architecture, processors, connectivity options, platforms, and other technologies allow us to deliver embedded solutions of any complexity


Cloud Computing

We work with the most reliable cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.



We specialize in building and delivering cross-functional teams for connectivity &IoT projects, providing end-2-end capabilities to design, build and test connected products.


Data Management

We help our Clients to understand the data they store to support business development and strategic decision-making.

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With Sigma IT’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.