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SOftware Development For HealthTECH & Welfare

Building A Digital Future for Comprehensive Care Services

Empowering Health Tech & Welfare With TECH Expertise

Whether you are a HealthTech or traditional tech company providing software solutions for the Healthcare and Welfare sectors, we are here to help you leverage cutting-edge technologies and build digital solutions that redefine the standards of social care, welfare, and healthcare services, shaping a future where efficiency, accessibility, and quality intersect seamlessly.

With our tech expertise and deep understanding of industry specifics, we assist Clients in transforming visionary product ideas into robust solutions serving people and organizations.

Partner with us, and together, let’s shape a future where technology propels positive change in health and social care services.

Our services

Tailored Cross- FunCtional Teams

Committed to driving success in the HealthTech & Welfare, we support Clients by:

Providing and managing tailored cross-functional teams that build, develop or enhance software solutions for HealthTech and Welfare companies.
Our teams are composed of expert engineers with diverse skill sets and domain experience, who work seamlessly together to deliver high-quality solutions.

Enhancing software delivery efficiency through DevOps, Agile and SAFe practices.
Our commitment to efficiency is evident in adoption of DevOps practices, fostering collaboration between development and operations, streamlining the software delivery process. Our Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters can further support you in implementation of Agile and SAFe methodologies to facilitates iterative development, ensuring successful and timely delivery of your solutions.

To Increase your Development Capabilities and Project efficiency

Our TECH expertise

Front-End And Back-end

Our engineers’ proficiency in front-end and back-end technologies ensures a comprehensive system development approach, contributing to efficient, user-friendly, and secure solutions.

Mobile App Development

With our proven track record in mobile app development, we focus on user-friendly interfaces and prioritize accessibility and responsiveness, providing health and social care professionals and users with on-the-go access to critical information and services.

Database Management

Our expertise in database management ensures the efficient handling of large volumes of data and the implementation of data optimization strategies, ensuring quick retrieval and analysis.


We ensure the reliability, functionality, and security of solutions through comprehensive testing, providing our clients with peace of mind. Our commitment to quality assurance gives clients confidence in the integrity and safety of developed solutions.

Analytics & BuSiness IntelligenCe

Utilizing robust tools like PowerBi, our experts create solutions that analyze data, such as – population health data and KPIs related to healthcare performance, patient outcomes, operational efficiency, data from virtual consultations, workforce data – visualizing complex information, and supporting the making of well-informed decisions.

IoT/Embedded Development

Our extensive experience in embedded software development for various industries empowers us to seamlessly integrate cutting-edge solutions directly into HealthTech devices to enhance the functionality, ensuring seamless integration and efficient real-time data processing for improved patient outcomes.

Beata Zubaka
Offering Innovation Manager

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We can support you in building various solutions that contribute to a more accessible, efficient, and patient/customer – centric system, ultimately improving the quality of care and well-being for individuals and operational efficiency for service providers. We believe that by working together, we can build a brighter future in Health & Social Care services, providing solutions that make a real difference.


enabling efficient management of social care services and handling all tasks from decisions to scheduling and reporting, that results in improving social care delivery and make the work of social care worker more effective.


empowering users with on-the-go access to health and wellness services.

Telemedicine & Telehealth solutions

facilitating virtual consultations and remote patient monitoring for enhanced healthcare accessibility. It bridges geographical gaps, providing services to individuals in remote or under-served areas.

PATIENT eNGagement solutions

fostering meaningful interactions, bridging the gap between healthcare & welfare providers and patients/customers.


optimizing workflows, reducing paperwork and administrative burdens, and ensuring seamless operations for healthcare providers.


enabling real-time data collecting and analysis for informed decision-making to streamline operations and improve overall patient care.

Analytics & Business Intelligence solutions

analyzing & visualizing data related to healthcare performance, patient outcomes, operation, finance, trends and patterns to empower organizations with actionable insights, enabling data driven decision making that results in improving patient care and operational efficiency.

EMR (Electronic Medical RECORD) Systems

streamlining healthcare information management by digitizing patient records, enabling efficient data storage and retrieval, leading to improved communication and ultimately, better patient care coordination.

Case Study: ImpRoving the quality of social care & welfare

Our Client – PULSEN OMSORG -is a leading Swedish software solution provider for the health & welfare sector. Together with the Pulsen’s team, our 4 Scrum Teams comprising over 30 specialists have been developing comprehensive end-to-end solutions that address sector challenges and cover all aspects of social care and social services in Sweden. Our collaboration encompassed the full product development lifecycle, from the first mock-up to release, developing new functionalities, introducing new ways of testing, and playing a pivotal role in facilitating Agile transformation and adopting SAFe practices. 

Let’s Talk About Your Project Needs.

Contact us and together we will find the best solutions for your product development.

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