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Technology is at the center of everything we do. Together with our Clients we create successful IT solutions for multiple areas such as automotive, pharmacy, smart home, integrated access devices, music production, mixed reality, logistics and many more.

DIGITIZING the way people create music/Web Development

Digital Audio Workstation Platform

Client: Soundation
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies: RubyonRails, Node.js, C++ and Front-End, AWS, Google WebAssembly, Docker, Kubernetes, GitLab

Digitalization of the Health and Welfare sector/Web development

PLATFORM to Handle all issues Related to Social care and Social Services

Client: Pulsen Omsorg
Country: Sweden
Core technologies: Frontend: React/Redux/Material UI with Typescript, Backend: C#, ASP.NET Core, Entity Framework Core, Web API

Revolution in Virtual Media Production/Mixed Reality

Cloud-based mixed reality media production platform

Client: Pixotope Technologies
Headquarters: Norway
Core technologies: AWS, EC2, AWS Cloud Digital Interface, Elastic Fabric Adapter, AWS Elemental MediaConnect, CloudFormation, Swift, Docker, ECS, Microservices architecture

For the connected, Energy-Efficient home/Connectivity Center

Smart Home Management Application

Client: Heimgard Technologies
Headquarters: Norway
Core technologies: Golang​, Python​, Cassandra​, Redis​, SQLite​, grpc rest​, WebSockets, zmq (event bus)​, Kubernetes​, Google Cloud ​

Iot, and SMART Connected HOME/Connectivity Center

SOftware solution for home gatewayS
and Wi-FI Devices

Client: IOPSYS
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies: Linux, Open WRT, Wifi, Mesh WIFI

Business Application/Automotive/Web Development

ContRact Management System

Client: Multinational automotive company
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies: React with Redux​, TypeScript/JavaScript​, AWS, GitLab CI/CD​, Linux Bash​, YAML​, C# ASP.NET Core​, C# .NET Core​, MySQL or T-SQL​, EF Core​, GitLab

bIOPHArmacy/Bioinformatics/dATA mANAGEMENT

Solution fOR eXPLORATION OF gENOMIC sIGNALS to Precise Drug Target Identification

Client: Multinational pharmaceutical and biotechnology company
Headquarters: UK
Core technologies: AWS, Python, Docker, Django, Dask

Smart Home Application/Mobile Development

Smart home App with centralized home accessories Management

Client: Multinational retail company
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies: Yocto​, Embedded Linux​, C++ /GO​, NodeJS​, ZigBee​

A solution to handle A large volume of data/Business application/

Audit Analytics Platform

Client: Grant Thornton Sweden AB
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies: .Net Core 3.1, C#, Dapper, T-SQL, SQL Server, Angular 10, SASS/CSS, ADLS/SYNAPSE ANALITYCS, Power BI, DAX, M-Language (Power-query)

Integrating Various data Sources into One Platform/Web Development

Digital Dealer System

Client: Multinational automotive company
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies:
Back-End: Kotlin, Java, Spring, Kafka, PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
Front-End: JavaScript, TypeScript, React
DevOps: AWS, Kubernetes



Client: Trimble Smartdelivery
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies: Android, C# .Net / Web (Angular, ASP .Net)

Embedded Programming For CAT

Software radio solution for 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile network base station systems

Client: Multinational networking and telecommunications company
Headquarters: Sweden
Core technologies: C++11/14/17, Linux, protobuf, cmake, gtest, gmock, git, gerrit

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With Sigma IT’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.