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ROUTER, VOIP and Smart Home Functionalities IN One Device

Case study

About Client

PingCommunication – a Nordic technology company specialized in designing and manufacturing Access Devices like xDSL, Fiber, Cable, Ethernet, 3G/CDMA Gateways, Mesh systems, and a wide variety of Home Networking Products. In 2021 the company merged with 2 Scandinavian companies to became Heimgard Technologies.

The client needed a cross-functional team of Embedded Software Engineers and Front-end Developers to deliver the product for – fully functional router for market release.

Our Services

We built and provided a cross-functional team of  Embedded Software Engineers and Front-end Developers who worked with the Client from 2018-2021. In total, 14 engineers were engaged in the project. 

The team’s first task was integration and modification of SDK from HW provider (Realtek)​ and then product development related to the following areas:
·        Low-level Linux – handling memory, drivers, configuration
·        VoIP– implementation of most VoIP gateway functionalities. FXS and DECT integration, adding an abstraction layer separating the FXS/DECT device type from higher layers, modifying the behavior of the SIP application to meet customer requirements
·        router configuration (VoIP, networking, smart home) – responsibility for the back-end and front-end (WebUI)
·        Router core functionalities: WAN/LAN configuration, software update, security, etc.
·        Running Wi-Fi tests


The main challenges in the project:
·        meeting all required product functionalities for the end user while taking into account hardware limitations
·        modification of FXS support and implementation of DECT support from scratch (integration of CMBS API from DSPG and its support)​
·        creation of an abstraction layer for FXS / DECT and implementation of call control features in phone (VoIP application integrated in Realtek SDK)​
·        modification and implementation of new functionalities in the back-end​.


Innovative and multi-functional device – a premium router with the functionalities of an ordinary router, a VoIP gateway and Smart Home.

Our Team was responsible for implementing and integrating various functionalities related to different areas and delivering a fully functional router.

Core Technologies

·    WiFi​
·    DECT​
·    Vue​
·    C/C++​
·    IPv4​
·    IPv6​

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