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Digital Audio Workstation

Case study

To DiGitize THe way People Create Music

Soundation is a Swedish company with the vision to deliver an impeccable service to online music makers and facilitate musical creativity around the world. The Client goal is to make professional production software and high-quality sounds available to anyone.

Our Client needed additional development team skilled in RubyonRails, C++ and Front-End, AWS, Google WebAssembly, and other technologies to re-design and re-build its existing solution and make it professional Digital Audio Workstation platform.

Our Services

We built and provided a dedicated development team skilled in RubyonRails, C++ and Front-End, AWS, Google WebAssembly to help our Client brings together the best features of professional DAWs and making them accessible for creators via browser.

Our Team started with Google WebAssembly implementation to improve music engine and studio performance. Then changes in UX/UI and infrastructure came by moving the entire stack to AWS, Docket and Gitlab. The entire deployment process has been automated with CI/CD approach.

Migrating to the latest technologies such as WebAssembly or React has created new user possibilities, such as real-time collaboration and performance boost. The infrastructure is fully scalable and automated with all industry-standard services (monitoring, architecture, deployment).

THe Challenge

The Client solution was mainly a sample database with a simple studio on the verge of being canceled due to outdated technology. Achieving the project goal – making it a professional online Digital Audio Workstation required complete solution re-designing, re-building, re-implementing and migration to the cloud.


Soundation is an online music production software complete with loops, effects and virtual instruments to make own music and share it with the world. Users can make, record, and edit music, beats, and audio directly from browser. Studio enable users creating own sounds with easy-to-use drum machines, samplers, and synthesizers and shape sound with audio effects.

The solution is now one of the leading Digital Audio Workstation platforms in the world, used in more than 200 countries, with over 75,000 active monthly users.


What matters is the ImpacT

266 %

revenue increase as a result of platform performance improvements and top development work.

Performance up by 328% 
Active users up by >300%

Core Technologies

·    Google WebAssembly​
·    AWS ​
·    Docker ​
·    Kubernetes​
·    Gitlab​
·    RoR , Node.js
·    Paypal​
·    Stripe​
·    Adapting to SCA regulations​
·    Chargebee​

Innovation is a Process

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